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One word: Masterminds. If you’re not currently a member of a mastermind there’s a good chance you WON’T reach your business goals in a timely manner. That’s because the best book, course, or mentor simply can’t match the experience of learning and networking with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. It’s why Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and countless other successful entrepreneurs attend masterminds regularly.

The Growth Accelerator Mastermind takes this to the next level. Unlike traditional masterminds which are nothing more than glorified conferences, Growth Accelerator is focused on the quality of our members rather than the quantity. All applicants are carefully vetted to uphold our quality standards. If you’re accepted, you’ll be joining a tight-knit group of successful and motivated entrepreneurs. You’ll get your most unique questions answered by the brightest minds in business today and get a chance to network with them directly. You’ll discover marketing and sales secrets working right now that are never discussed online. PLUS have 24/7 access to an exclusive member’s area where you can interact and forge partnerships with other attendees. But that’s just the start of what makes Growth Accelerator Masterminds so special. If you’re interested in learning more, click the button below!

I feel like the last couple of days, I’ve probably filled up another two months of road map with marketing ideas, that I want to execute on.

Ajay Pondicherry
Block party

I’ve learned alot. I’ve met a number of incredible people, that I’m pretty sure we’ll be able to do some awesome things together.

Sony Mordechai
Chairman & SEO of Global Eye Investments

Super glad I joined this Accelerator Mastermind and I can’t wait for the next event.

Eric Hung
Founder of Pew Pew Tactical

We’re reaching the end of this event and I gotta say it’s been extremely, extremely impressive.

Kong Pham
CEO & Founder of Jumpcut

There’s a lot of things you can do in life, but this is like taking a Harvard course on scaling your business… I’ve met a few potential business partners here too.

Billy Bosch
Founder at ICONIC Protein

I’ve been to a lot of conferences and masterminds and I’ve never had it where it was so well orchestrated, where even without putting in effort we’re meeting the right people.

David Henzel
CEO Upcoach


Meet Your hosts

Hosted by world-renowned marketers Neil Patel and Eric Siu, the Growth Accelerator Mastermind is unlike anything you’ve ever attended. Both bringing decades of practical marketing experience, you’ll walk away with actionable strategies, tips, and secrets to use in your business after every event.


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We’ve received countless testimonials from our members who come from all backgrounds and industries. You’ll find 7-figure eCommerce store owners, real estate investing moguls, infamous venture capitalists and more at every event. Apply today for a chance to see for yourself why these high-profile entrepreneurs love attending Growth Accelerator!

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If you want high-profile entrepreneurs knowing you on a first-name basis, there’s no better way than joining the Growth Accelerator Mastermind. We give members unrivaled access to network directly with Neil, Eric, and countless other motivated individuals such as yourself. Past speakers include Sam Ovens of fame and Activision founder Howard Marks. Click the button below to see how you can build a network that will last a lifetime simply by becoming a member.

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We’re putting a strict limit on how many people can join. Right now we’re only accepting SIX new members. And due to the long waiting list, applications are vetted on a first-come, first-serve basis. We recommend only applying if you’re serious about taking your business to new heights this year.